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Hawthorne and his market with Chetan Bhagat and his market.

Topic: Comparison of Hawthorne and his market with Chetan Bhagat and his market.

Paper: 8-C
Paper Name: The Cultural studies 
Name: Nidhi Jasani 
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Class: M.A. Sem.2
Year: 2014-2015
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Submitted to: M.K. Bhavnagar University, Department of English.

          Cultural studies are very difficult to understand. It gives new vision of looking at the literature. Sometime cultural studies concern not only the work that is produced but also the means of production. It means cultural studies pay attention on who the writer wrote the book, and how to publish it. And also the author and publisher and how to marketing the book.

          Marketing helps the author for sealing the book. First of all the reader like to read book which is not bulky, which is easily available in market, good content and interesting writing. If writer would like to become very famous among the people they must write a book which is qualified by above qualities. Many writer face the same problem during the time of their book publishing.

          Here we like to talk about two writers they both are famous in their time, first one is Hawthorne and another one is Chetan Bhagat, now a days he is very famous novelist. His novels are very popular among the people. Both of them are face the readerand become successful and famous also.

          Now we talk about Chetan Bhagat’s style of writing and style of marketing. Hawthorne’s style of writing and thestyle of marketing. How they both do marketing of their books. First here we talk about Hawthorne as writer and his market.

Hawthorne and His Market

          Hawthorne while living as a near reclus in his mother’s house he wrote “Young Goodman Brown”. Though a graduate form Bowdoin College, he had as yet no income; he was a young man longing for the way up and out. Hawthorne’s father had died, and his mother had moved back in which her family, the Mannings, who seemed to have taken supporting the penurious but determined writer in stride.

          Hawthorn handles the challenges of getting a work of fiction published? We have two answer (1) Hawthorne’s exploration of his own personal fears during the middle third of the nineteenth century (2) the world of American publishing at the time. He was able to translate his fear of failure and his own unconscious demons into a class story of good and evil, of hypocrisy in society and in the church. “Young Goodman Brown” was his first publication, appearing in the New England Magazine in 1835. Some indication of his early struggles with authorial identity can be gleaned from his “Custom House” preface to The Scarlet Letter (1850) the first and most successful of his four romances.

          His Salem ancestor William Hawthorn, who condemned Quaker women to death in the early colonial days:

“No aim, that I have ever cherished, would they recognize as laudable; no success of mine-if my life, beyond its domestic scope, had ever been brightened by success- would they deem otherwise than worthless, if not positively disgraceful. ‘What was he?’ murmurs one gray shadow of my forefathers to the other. “A Writer of story books,what kind of business in life, what mode of glorifying God, or being serviceable to mankind in his day and generation, may that is? Why, the degenerate fellow might as well have been a fiddler!”

          Hawthorne discusses the material conditions of this novel’s production, and problems of the production of novel. For the twenty years, he wrote brief fictions and short article and publish them anonymously in his home town newspaper in 1830.when he work as editor, a custom house clerk of the utopian colony at Brook Farm in 1841, at that time hundred o his tales appeared in print form. He stopped his production of short stories and he turned to his remaining three longer romances. He feel guilty about his early sketches, for as he wrote in his preface to Mosses from an Old Manse (1854). Hawthorne’s social milieu when he composed “young Goodman Brown” and his evolving identity as a teller of tales are addressed in the story.

          In addition to entertaining self-doubt and guilt at his chosen profession, Hawthorn found the publication market difficult. Because there were no international copyrights, publisher in America would pirate works by British writers and sell them cheaply, which made it hard for America would pirate works by British writers and sell them cheaply, which made it hard for American writers to compete. Hawthorne took him at the social “perfectionism” formulated by the French, especially as it affected women. His writing about puritan hypocrisies also demonstrates the toll on women, such as faith in “young Goodman Brown”. In light of his habit of elevating his female charters, we should note that Hawthorne’s audience, like that of most novelists, was largely female, and so were many of his competitors.

          Hawthorne’s “Young Goodman Brown”, we can compare his assessment of such public concerns as social reform with popular dark reform writers. He writes gothic fiction, “Exemplify the post-gothic, obsessed by themes like fruitless quests, nagging guilt, crime, perversity, and so forth,” but they would also employ conventional “simplified pity, patriotic history, comforting angelic visions, domestic bliss, and regenerating childhood purity”.

          Hawthorne seems to have developed an equation between writing and the devil’s work: “but authors are always poor devils, and therefore Satan may take them,” he told his mother. In his early tale “The Devil in Manuscript” it is also shows devil spirit or evil thinks.Reader be note how the devil, seems like the smartest person in the story and has all the best lines, indeed he furnishes a critique of society that sounds right on the marks more on his in a moment.
Hawthorne normally writes about the history and supernatural aliments in the book. His books are very bulky that’s why the reader cannot like to read this type of bulky. And we found it is also costly so, all people cannot able to buy and read the book. Sometime in the book we found socialism and social matters young people don’t like to this entire thing to read there is the use of high language in his work of art. People generally like to read slim and short book and some entertainment in book. In the time of Hawthorne there were no good publication and not advertisement of any kind of thing, so how Hawthorne publish his book and how to market it.
Chetan Bhagat & His Marketing

              Nowadays Chetan Bhagat is very famous English writer in India. Chetan Bhagat is a student of marketing; he knows how to sell his work in a smart way. He knows that what type of novel reader wants to read? First I would like to clarify that Chetan Bhagat is note write novel but he write novella and obviously people don’t like to read long and bulky book. In this time people haven’t time to read bulky book so they would like to read very short novel with good content, some interesting thing which represent reality of life. Now in this day people don’t like to read for so long time and Chetan Bhagat’s novels are easy to finish just in 8or10 hours. A person can read his book when traveling in a long journey. Chetan Bhagat’s novel is very famous not only it is very short and full of entertainment but also of good marketing and advertisement of the work. He also uses very simple English language, and his sentence is very simple, we easily understand the meaning and the contexts of the sentence.

          The readers always like to read which is true of life. Chetan Bhagat also talks about the burning issues of that time. People don’t like to read the story which is full of fantasies and imagination. A person can find himself in his book. In his novel “Five points …” he writes about the dark side of IIT. One who is not from IIT but suffering from the same situation as the character of the book was suffering from the same situation. “Five point…” is not only the dark side of IIT but also it is reality of life, as Chetan Bhagat mentioned in his one interview,

“I think Five Point.. Is not only explores the dark side. But also the bright side therefore every facing pressure, another one succeeds. If someone finds the situation stressful students, another one finds it funny. Thus I’d like to think it is a more balanced approach. But yes, it is not just praise filled work about IIT, it is more real and real life does not work that way.”

The central theme of the novel is youth. Chetan Bhagat mostly writes about youth, because he knows that now days what type of book youth like to read. And everybody wants to found their self in the book. He also talks about problem of youth and how old people look towards youth? That is described in his novel.

          First the he also gives attractive title of the novel; the title of his novels attracts the reader as the title of the novel “3”- ‘Three Mistakes of my life’. As he said about title that, there are so many links to the number-3 that it becomes the obvious choice for the name. Recently he publishes book named “Half Girl Friend”. “One night at Cole center” in this novel a character named Priyanka gives answer to her mother, is liked by many young people.

          The reader always likes to read which is true to life and also burning issue and problem of particular age. Now day’s people think scientifically, they don’t like to read the story which is taken from history, a story which is full of fantasies and imagination. We found Chetan Bhagat’s books are scientific way, not a story of imagination.People wants read book for relaxation. His book is gives entertainment. As Chetan Bhagat himself says in his one interview, “Entertainment is always first”

          Chetan Bhagat has good selling power and also he knows about how do marketing of book. Bestselling author Chetan Bhagat canto says entertainment is get priority in his novels. Chetan Bhagat is also famous for one lined quotations in his novels. It is true that people don’t like to read that kind of long inspirational message in the novel. But if this inspirational massage given in to few words simplicity, obviously it becomes more effective then long one. In Bollywood there are some movies, which are based on Chetan Bhagat’s novel, like “3idiots”, “Kaypoche” and “Hello”. All moves are also famous and popular.Chetan Bhagat other idea regarding marketing, that as he had uploaded a status in one social site is “ Izzetrakhlena” it is one of the art of good marketing. He is promoting his book in this way. For his marketing style I found one Gujarati proverb (kahavat), “Bole tenaborvechay”. He constantly started marketing of book; he gives many interviews and visited many people, some time he gives video advertisement of the book. Which Chetan had already done when his book “Half Girl Friend”( ) is published?He shows promotional video regarding the book. Some time he gives interviews and gives the answer of people’s question regarding book, and some time make it as an issue among the people. That’s why some people who don’t read the book they also read the book, becausethey wants to read and knows about the issue of the book.  In this way he is not only marketing his books but there is the potentiality in his writing but he is just using a new method to promote his work nothing else and at last Chetan Bhagat deserves popularity as the most leading writer of India.

          In short Chetan Bhagat in his writing there is no complex sentences and heavy language used by him. Reader does not need dictionary to read his book.  Once he said for his simple writing “The style of my writing which is naturally comes to me, which is in alight hearted manner with some dark themes in the back ground I cannot write any other way”.


           After reading this entire thing we can conclude that in the comparison of both writers, we come to know that what type of book reader wants to read. Chetan Bhagat is very famous among the people through his writing style. He write very short book, in his book we not found high morality, we found in one sentence he write or give some message, his book is written in simple language. He has also good marketing skill. Whereas Hawthorn write bulky book, full of moral messages and his books are very costly and not easily available in market, so how people can read the book. That’s why Chetan Bhagat is famous in India.

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