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Impact of Advertisement on Society (helpful or harmful)

Impact of Advertisement on Society (helpful or harmful)

Nidhi Jasani

Submitted to: M.K. Bhavnagar University, Department of English 

  • Introduction

           In this modern time of tuff computation, advertisement is became important and necessary part. Because if a person or any kind of company wants to seals there product they have to give or make an advertisement of product. Through advertisement target audience come to know about product, benefit of product. Advertise are also used for social awareness and making people aware about some kind of diseases, family planning and cleanliness and many other things. Some government advertises like polio campaign, and some advertise for farmers and women, this kind of advertises are making for social awareness. From the very beginning of the world we found that there are always two side of one thing. Like one coin have two sides. Same advertise have also two sides. There is god effect as well as bad effect of advertise on society. Before starting discus good and bad effect of advertise, first we come to know what is advertise? What the functions are of advertise?

          “I don’t regard advertising as an entertainment or an art form, but as medium of information.”
-         David Ogilvy

              An advertisement is a kind of communication with people or buyer of the product, which acreage customer to purchase the product. It can be in any form like paper print, newspaper advertise, Radio. T.V. advertisement, poster and banner advertise, outdoor, wall painting of advertise, Mail, text messages, website is also kind of advertise and any kind of paint (print) media advertise attract the people to buy the particular product. In Latin, “Ad vertere” means “to turn toward”. We know that advertise are helpful for economic growth, but it is not without social cost. Advertise also affect human psychology, like it demands for different appeals and play with feelings of human being. This may be harmful for human. Some critic gives argue that it exploit children’s mind. (wikipidia)  
  •  Negative Effect of Advertise

            Advertise is started privileging over society and culture. There are so many negative effect of advertising.

        “It is become harder to escape from advertising and the media, public space is increasingly turning into a gigantic billboard for product of all kind. The aesthetic and political consequence cannot yet be foreseen.”
                                                                          -George Franck (wikipidia)

       In this time of marketing, we are surrounded by so many advertisements. We constantly touch inn one or another kind of advertisement every day. In the morning when we read newspaper there is advertising. In it, and in the evening there is T.V. and Radio with advertise. Ad creep says that, “There are ads in schools, airport lounges, doctor's office, movie theaters, hospitals, gas stations, elevator, convenience store, on the Internet, A.T.Ms, on garbage cans and countless other places. There are on beach sand and restroom walls.” When we think about product and advertisement, is advertise faithful to their product? Are advertise shows originality of product? Are they representing women and nation as they really are? What is the impact of advertise on mind of children?

          In many advertise we found that they represent falls image. For example in advertise women thin and beautiful. The family member thinks that she must be working woman as well as good housewife also. Advertising shows that man should be handsome, tall, caring husband, and thoughtful father. But in reality all this things are not possible. Other thing is when film hero holds Coca-Cola and other similar things for satisfying his thrust. At that time children are watching this advertise, and what the effect is on children is that when they are thrust they also asks for this kind of soft drink. It humiliates the mind of children, constantly repetition of one sentence like ‘Thanda Matalab Coca-Cola’. And it is recorded in mind of children, and then whenever they think about cool, they remember Coca-Cola.

            Sometime advertise misrepresent the things. In advertise of food and medicine (Drug) we found that they create unrealistic expectation. Pashtuns are their target audience, whenever a person was ill they think about how to come out from this illness as soon as possible.  This advertises represent unrealistic expectation of the effectiveness and side-effect of medicine. For example any cough syrup, Vicks Vaporub and move (crime). In the advertisement of this product they show that when you apply this, instantly you get result. But what happened in reality? Same kind of things found in readymade food packet and energy drinks or health drinks. In advertise them shows that this food is very healthy, full of with nutrition and protein. But is it real? In advertise they tells “Taste Bhi, Health Bhi” but what is in reality. In the product of Maggi Nodules, we found very harmful ingredients were found. Same in health drink also, they make very effective and attractive advertise on the product. And children ask to parent for this kind of thing. It provokes idea that one should be tall. That’s why sometime parents also by this product for their children. According to food and drug Administration’s study “Patient and Physician attitudes and behaviors associated with DTC promotion of prescription of Drug” not only drugs but beauty and health product may also not live up to their promises. (Jensen)

·                 Positive side of Advertising

       Apart from the negative effect there are so many positive effect of advertisement. The first and important effect is that it makes people aware that the product or service is available. Advertise shows that what is the feature and how to use the particular product. In short advertising gives introduction of product. Sometime it happed that the manufacturer has improved their product, and re-launched their product in market, at that time advertisement shows that what is new in product, and help us in our lake of awareness and introduce us that
“Our new and improved product is now in better, Go out and buy it.” For example ‘Maggi Noodles’ that after issue of “Maggi” manufacturer has make some changes in product. After some time they have given advertise with slogan that “Our Maggi is back” our Maggi is safe now, it is not harm you.

        Indirectly advertise gives moral lessons and social massages. For example “Friend’s don’t let friends drive drunk”, “Smoking is harmful” etc. (Advertising India) Government also makes some advertise. Which are helpful to people and make people aware? For example advertise of ‘Polio Campaign’ ad of swachhta abhiyan, ‘Jaha soch vahi shochalay’ ‘Small family happy family’ this kind of T.V. advertise and banner advertise are makes people conscious about the family paling and cleanliness. Public service advertisements are also spread social awareness among people. Advertise of seeds, fertilizer and insecticide is helpful to farmers. This type of advertise, farmer compare the product, which one is more productive seeds. Then they buy seeds and fertilizer of particular brand. Also introduced hybrid seeds which are more productive seeds, through this they earn more money.

        Advertise shows the importance of education. So, people started sending their children to schools. Advertise started educating people. Still some people are not aware about the scholarships and other things which are given by government to students. Through advertise they come to know about it. Also some other schemes which are run by government like, ‘Jandhan yojna’ and other different subsidies are given by government to ‘Aam admi’. There is some socio economic benefit of advertise. As we know advertise has so many positive effects on economic growth of nation. According to the international Advertising association, “Advertise can encourage companies to compete and provide new products. This encourages more consumers to buy because these products meet the needs and wants of more consumers. Thus, the economy is positively affected. In addition, advertising can help create more jobs, as the demand for products and service goes up because of advertising. More people are needed to manufacture, supply, ship and test those product and service. Thus, more jobs are created.” (Morley). In India for T.V. advertise they need actors for working in advertising. And this gives more chance to people to work in advertise, so, advertise is helpful to economic growth.

        Advertise encourage customer to choose the product which is good for them. Advertise put variety for consumer’s lifestyle, for held and beauty product and many other things. It also gives political choice also for example, when the days of election comes. We found there is different political party gives advertise with good side of their party. The different political parties introduce their leader and the work done by them. The different parties introduce the weaknesses of opponent. Through this we come to know which party or leader is better for nation and common people. This kind of advertises encourage people to compare different candidates choose one who is best for them.

·             Conclusion

            From our discussion we can conclude that advertises has both negative as well as positive effect on society. There are some negative point of advertise like, it exploit the children’s mind. When they see inn advertise that, someone is smoking and enjoying at that time they also think that smoking is something good. Also they started demanding various products from their parents. There is deep desire of things in children’s mind. Advertise represent women in very bad way, it is harmful and create wrong image, objectifying the Indian women. Some time they convey wrong message through this kind of advertisement.

           There are so many good or positive effect of advertisement. It helps in educating people, also in development of tourism place. It gives us knowledge of various products. It gives chance to customer for comparing one product with another. It introduce so many products, and compare one with another that which one is better for them, longer than other, halter then other product and most important part is affordable for customer. Advertise gives introduction of products so, we are thankful to advertise that they make us constantly touch with improvement of product and new coming product.     

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